Rachel Rettman, MBA
Candy Lover of the Highest Order

Ever since she learned how to eat and chew food, Rachel (Sugarayray) has LOVED candy.  She has so much experience eating candy, frosting, icing, fondant, meringue, marzipan, and many other kinds of delicious sweet things that anyone who knows her always asks her before they buy any specialty candy or desserts! She helps plan sweet parties, advises people on what tastes good vs. what looks good (there are a lot of dessert posers out there) and makes efforts to support both small, local candy stores while also shopping at renowned candy and dessert establishments.  Having lived in a number of wonderful cities across the United States and abroad, Rachel can give detailed advice on the best places to eat sweets across the globe.

Rachel is also a huge health, wellness and fitness advocate; her career is as a Certified Pilates Instructor, personal trainer, fitness nutritionist and corporate wellness entrepreneur.  After receiving a BA in Psychology from Boston University, an MBA from Georgetown University and working for companies including UBS, Levi Strauss and Co., Starbucks, and Barclays Global Investors, Rachel opened her eyes to the importance of incorporating sustainable, long-term health and fitness activities into one’s life.  She discovered that her 7 previous years of Pilates and fitness experience were a foundation on which to build her skills as an expert instructor and motivator. Rachel has happily been teaching Pilates and a number of other movement forms since 2009, and in the last 2 years incorporated nutrition courses into her mix in order to certify as a fitness nutritionist and further assist clients on a balanced path towards wellness and personal fulfillment.

Recently, Rachel realized that her passion for health and wellness and her deep love of all things candy are not mutually exclusive; they can, and DO, exist within the same person and are really two sides of the same coin.  It is important to be healthy, but also to allow for indulgence and joy.  Balance is essential, and balance allows for some sweets to be lovingly added into one’s otherwise healthy lifestyle routine.  Any extreme is nearly impossible to maintain in the long-term; the best advice is to find what is healthy but realistic, and make that your goal.

Life is too short to live in a state of deprivation.  Find your joy, find your bliss, find your passion; that is what life is about.  If the Sugarayray blog can help you do that, it would mean so much.

Reach out via our contact form and share your story, share your passion, tell us what sweet indulgence(s) you love, and enjoy it all guilt free!

With love,