Mass Market Shout Out – Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles!


The truth is, most of the candy/sweets one finds in the supermarket or drugstore are not high quality; while some items may be tasty, they do not deserve the attention of, say, a delightful Scandinavian licorice/marshmallow delicacy. But there are a few great mass market products, and the recent discovery of one brought a huge smile to myself and some delighted instagram followers!

One thing that has always been an issue in ‘cereal-land’ is the division between fruity cereals (think Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, etc.) and Marshmallow cereals (Lucky Charms, etc.). You have the marshmallows – those delightfully crunchy, miniature, dehydrated baby sugar bombs of goodness, in all their chemical resplendence, but they live in a box with otherwise boring oat-like crunchy blah cereal.  The entire point of a box of Lucky Charms is the scavenger hunt to go through and find all the marshmallows, after which point we typically throw away the cereal.  It is an expensive proposition, those marshmallows for $6 or whatever it costs, but for the love of those weird little candy crunchy rainbow colored shamrocks and horseshoes it happens. Then you have fruity cereals – with enough food coloring to injure someone (a side issue from a health perspective, let’s not even go there now), but nonetheless sweet, tangy, crunchy and exciting.  At least you can eat the entire box.  For decades I have wondered why there were no fruity marshmallow cereals, I mean I could NOT be the only one thinking this!  Well apparently Post Cereal heard my silent pleas – enter Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles.  I nearly did a dance when I saw them on the store shelf, and there was a definite yelp of satisfaction.  It was 9 pm though so no one was there to hear it!

Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles are exactly what you think they are – Fruity Pebbles cereal with Lucky Charms marshmallows in them.  No, not actual Lucky Charms stars and shamrocks, but you get the idea.  These have blue whales, pink starfish, orange flowers, you get the picture.  It is the union of two great cereal ideas, FINALLY, in one box!  So now a person can eat out all the marshmallows, and still eat the cereal!  Since these kinds of cereals are basically candy, I cannot in good conscience recommend them as a real breakfast.  More like an afternoon snack / treat, alongside some greek yogurt or something with protein to counteract the sugar rush. Plus it is important to pour out a cup, a serving size, and stick to that. Ok, there is our healthy interlude!

Go out and grab a box of this fantastic cereal.  Fruity Pebbles are also wonderful on top of tart frozen yogurt, as a summer treat.  Add in some fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, kiwi) and it is even better!  Now I just want to go to Pinkberry

I hope that Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles gain traction so that they stick around.  About a decade ago, in the recesses of my memory, was a trip to a California grocery story (Ralph’s, maybe) where I found Marshmallow Froot Loops.  The next time I went to get them they were gone, never to be seen again.  Maybe it was a special edition, who knows.  Let’s hope that Marshmallow Fruity Pebbles are forever!

Wishing everyone a sweet summer!


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