Hattie’s Sweet Shop in Portland, OR – Small Business Spotlight!


As a long-standing fan of finding small businesses to patronize and promote, I find it important to mention a hometown neighborhood candy store that deserves an honorable mention on this blog. Hattie’s Sweet Shop in the Multnomah Village area of Portland, OR is one of those places that makes you happy as soon as you walk in.  There is a friendly atmosphere, and whether you are in the store with other adults or some of the many children that frequent this local gem, you feel a sense of camaraderie in your collective desire for specialty sweets! As Portland continues to grow at an alarmingly fast rate, with new shops popping up all over and many small, local purveyors finding it hard to compete/stay in business with the rising rents, it is always a pleasure to see an old favorite survive, even thrive, in the current market.

While Hattie’s carries many specialty candies that can also be found elsewhere (well, elsewhere in New York, not necessarily in Portland), they also have proprietary lines of small batch chocolates as well as a vast variety of homemade fudge.  The other day I sampled lemon meringue fudge! With flavors like peanut butter and jelly, orange dreamsicle and blackberry pie, as well as standards like maple walnut and chocolate, Hattie’s makes mouths water with its fudge.  Other favorites of mine include bubble gum gummy bottles, jelly-filled gummy turtles (see pic below), and pez that you can buy one little refill pack at a time! They also have a lot of nostalgia candy, as well as imported gummies and chocolates from around the world.







Hattie’s can be found right here! You can view current fudge flavors, sign up for their newsletter, and get the address so you can go visit them yourself! One would also imagine that they ship candy; thus, if you are not a Portland, OR resident or not planning an imminent trip to suburban west hills Portland (doubt that too many visitors make it out there), you can still get your fix.

All the best wishes to small businesses, all over the country, surviving in a world where otherwise eclectic and interesting shopping areas and neighborhoods are turning into big box stores, banks and drugstores.  With rising rents pushing many small businesses out of long-standing locations, it is important to keep celebrating and highlighting those who continue to make it (while providing sweet happiness to customers, in this case).

xoxo and happy week before labor day!!

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