Amazing South African Candy – Plus Safari!!!!


A couple of month go, yours truly had the chance to take the trip of a lifetime – to South Africa and Zimbabwe!  There are no words to describe the transcendental experience that is a safari; the African bush is bigger and more powerful than any other place I have ever been (also been to Israel, to Australia including the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock, all over Europe and more, so this is not an uninformed statement).  In addition to a week on Safari, time was spent in Cape Town (crazy beautiful) as well as Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the world!  Getting to see such a magnanimous waterfall from land, sea and air (took an incredible helicopter ride) was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!  Also, some of the best real food consumed on the trip was made at the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel.  Crocodile and Ostrich, anyone?

Check out a few awesome, amazing (alliterative) animal photos to whet your appetite for what’s coming:

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Beyond the wild and wonderful animals, there was all the incredible candy that I searched high and low to find!  Whenever I travel to foreign lands, one of my great joys is eating and collecting the best specialty and mass market candy to be found.  It is eternally entertaining to find items that cannot be procured in the United States!  When you live in New York, and everything is at your fingertips, finding items that are location-specific and not readily available is actually a treat, no pun intended 🙂

Fun fact – the Johannesburg International Airport ended up being one of the best sources for some of the greatest candy found while traveling!  Who would have thought!

Here is an in-depth video on some of my favorite candy finds, including touching, squishing, tasting and some fun discussion.  Wait until you get to the middle of the video – there are a couple of animal clips inserted in for your ultimate enjoyment!  Props to YouTube for always stopping on me making a funny face ha!

As you can see, the candy was AMAZING!!!

Here are a couple of photos of most of what was sampled, and even a few extras:

















We had Haribo Pico Balla, Haribo ‘Primavera’ Foam Strawberries, Beacon Red Licorice Allsorts, Bebeto Lovely Fruits (fruit gummies), Bebeto Yogurt Gummies (gummy candy with yogurt and fruit juice), Bebeto Jelly Gums (sugar covered gummy filled fruity licorice bricks), and last but not least luxurious handmade cookies and cream flavored nougat (from wine country outside of Cape Town, found in a town called Franschhoek). The belgian chocolates and marzipan found at the same time as the nougat barely made it the car ride back to Cape Town, never mind a trans-Atlantic flight!

All of this candy was amazing.  To be clear, as I write this my taste buds are crying because they realize this candy lives 8,600 miles away from them.  My stomach literally hurts in the absence of these sweet delights. Yes, I can get the Pico Balla and Primavera sent to me by my favorite German candy distributor GermanShop24 (Haribo will get its own episode sometime soon), and this is of some solace; but, the rest is far far away in a land I have little if any access to 🙁 Oh, the difficulties in life!!  At least Pico Balla is still one of my all-time faves, as are Primavera.

It was so much fun to experience this wide range of new items; there were even some picks that were not discussed in the video because they were eaten before they ever made it back to the United States!  These included gummy puffy marshmallow-ish ice cream cones, weird but wonderful creme brulee gummies, tri-textured strawberry hard and soft and squishy sugar-coated jelly rounds, and a bunch of other creme-filled licorice tubes and more!  Creme-filled licorice is the BEST THING EVER!!!!  AHHHH!!!

There are so many things to love about Africa beyond the amazing candy.  The beautiful landscapes, the incredible animals, Cape Town and its breathtaking scenic bays and beaches, the bush and the people who make the bush such a magical place (game rangers, locals, hotel staff, etc), Victoria Falls, aka “The Smoke That Thunders” and so much more.  Returning from Africa was the hardest transition from vacation back to normality I have ever experienced; it is hard to imagine the sheer vibrancy that describes life in Africa unless you visit it and slow down to absorb it, and the beautiful reality of a foreign land can make the madness of a polluted and semi-insane city like New York seem a little bit…empty.  On a happy note, walking around and going to all the best candy stores in the Big Apple made things a lot better!!!  Plus, it was Easter when I got back so some of my favorite seasonal candy was out and about in all of the stores (please see the last post on here before this one). Glory be to Bunny Corn!!!

Feel free to email in and share about any of your favorite candies, or share about your trip to Africa!  It is my most sincere hope to go back there – the continent is diverse and full of magical wonder, and I know I saw just a small speck of what is available to experience. But it was an unforgettable small speck, it somehow irrevocably changed me on the inside, and of course it was a tasty journey! Key takeaway – besides all the things we knew about how awesome a safari / magical trip to a far away land can be, we now know that South Africa boasts incredibly tasty and unique candy!  Let’s never forget that!

Ok sugar babies, may your days be filled with sweet happiness (and exercise and vegetables.  The nutritionist and trainer in me cannot help but mention that). Now that this account has been written, this candy-loving fitness freak must get some sleep and then spend all day tomorrow cooking amazing, healthy food for a new client looking to eat better long term!  Such an exciting dichotomy, these two different passions and talents!!  Long live duality!

















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