Easter Candy is Awesome!


Somehow Easter managed to come and go before I was able to post about its amazing candy potential! On the one hand readers can now concentrate on these awesome candy pics and recommendations, and know that they can likely still find all of these items in specialty stores and MIGHT even find some on SALE!!! On the other hand, Easter was yesterday…

Then again, we know Easter will come again next year, so if nothing else you can all be ready to hit your local candy shops with vigor and excitement!

Check out some pretty cute pictures yours truly made using all my specialty Easter finds:










As you can see, on top we have a bunny corn rainbow with gummy swirly eggs above it, then gummy carrots on the edges and mellowcreme bunnies and duckies underneath; on bottom there is another bunny corn rainbow, mellowcreme peas and carrots as “grass” for the hopping bunnies, malt ball eggs, and then Jelly Belly jelly beans to add some color at the bottom.  It was so much fun to make these little scenes!  You can do so many interesting and creative things with all this fun and festive holiday candy!

Except for the gummy carrots, which were orange flavor and OK but not my fave, and the gummy swirly eggs which were fruit flavor and good enough but again nothing super special, everything else is some of the BEST Easter candy to be found, all courtesy of Jelly Belly Candy Company.  The bunny corn, the deluxe Easter mix (which includes bunny corn, jelly beans, mellowcreme animals, candy coated malt ball eggs, and a few chocolate foil-covered eggs) and the peas and carrots are some of their best seasonal specialties!!

Check out some of the other items we ate for your benefit 🙂









The top box has amazing marzipan eggs from Sugarfina; the middle left box has the gummy eggs and carrots already mentioned, from Dylans; the middle right box is full of the amazing bunny corn we discussed; the bottom left box contains peas and carrots (carrots are orange, peas are apple, both are amazing); the middle bottom box has 2 items – Robins Eggs, which are also by Jelly Belly and involve caramel coated in chocolate dressed with a crackly candy shell, and colorful foamy sugar eggs; the bottom right box has the Jelly Belly Easter deluxe mix; finally, the sugar coated marshmallow gummy bunnies on the purple pedestal, also part of the Jelly Belly candy family, are strawberry, grape, apple and lemon-flavored creamy smooth gummy bunnies that dissolve like happiness in your mouth, starting with the sugar coating and ending with you biting in because you cannot stand to savor the awesomeness any longer and you simply have to chew!!

Check out a more detailed pic of the Jelly Belly Easter Deluxe Mix:








Would life be complete without one mass market honorable mention? What do you think it is? Yes, the famous, the mesmerizing and wonderful CADBURY EGG!!










As you can see, it was a sweet holiday.  The fun part comes where this blogger gets to run all over NYC trying to find all this candy marked down and on sale!  Keep your fingers crossed that I can locate some good finds.  One of my newer candy store finds is called Handsome Dan’s and it is where I found the peas and carrots (they also have bunny corn and deluxe Easter mix, as well as tons of other candy).  Check them out in the East Village as well as in Williamsburg!  I love giving a shout out to a small business trying to make it in this big city!!

Wishing you all a happy belated holiday, and if, like me, you do not actually celebrate this holiday, just enjoy eating all of the wonderful treats that come along with it!

With love and sweet smiles 🙂


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