Valentines Day CANDY!!!


People tend to have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day.  For some, it is a celebration of love and commitment.  For others, it is a fabricated holiday comprised of excessive consumerism and unnecessary displays of affection that make single people feel dejected.  Here at Sugarayray, V-Day is a beloved holiday full of specialty candy that only comes around once a year and is thus cause for excitement!!!  How can you NOT be happy while surrounded by an array of candy hearts? Riddle me that!

The following video goes into detail on some of the holiday’s very best finds:

My favorite part of this video is the odd facial / hand expression that YouTube apparently chose to call out for the above still shot 🙂

But seriously, the candy we sampled was fantastic across the boards.  From a Jelly Belly Valentine’s mix to peachy hearts to cinnamon and cherry assorted hearts to jelly-filled lips, this year’s selections really rocked.  In an exciting turn of events, I even had the chance to try a few hearts I had never experienced before!  Do you know how hard that is, to find things this sugarista has never tasted?

Here is a close-up of some our awesome candy selections:








You can see the peachy hearts, the pink candy corn hearts, the different colored cherry and cinnamon hearts, and of course cupid corn!! Cupid corn is just like candy corn (tastes like it too) except that it is red, pink and white.  Just like Christmas reindeer corn (which is red, green and white), cupid corn brings a festive holiday pop of color to any candy dish.  While you can get cupid corn at a drug store, we have to recommend you go with the Jelly Belly version; as an additional plus, it is non-GMO!  All Jelly Belly products are!

Here is a cute close-up of our jelly-filled lips, purchased at Dylan’s Candy Bar:









As shown in the video, the top of the lips are the smooth jelly part and the bottom has more of a gummy consistency. The deep, juicy cherry flavor of these lips make them a delectable treat, and they can be found year round; most of the rest of the candy is seasonal.

A couple of the hearts sampled in the video came from Sockerbit, my favorite Scandinavian candy store, and those can also be obtained year-round.  You can even order from Sockerbit online!

We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day, regardless of your specific opinion of the holiday.  Eat some treats, find your bliss, and treat yourself kindly!

On a fun side note, this blogger is off on an African Safari starting tomorrow!  I could not be more excited to experience a very new and different place (we will be in South Africa and Zimbabwe/Zambia) as well as learn more about other cultures while seeing dazzling sights and observing wild animals!  On an important note, I have every intention of exploring the candy and candy stores of Cape Town; I hope the international city does not let me down 🙂

Once the best candy of South Africa is collected (by me), it will be fully reported on. So get ready for an international candy video straight from the source!

Until next time, stay sweet!





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