Special Guest Start Candy Tasting!


Hello candy lovers!

Check out the following (adorable) video of one of Sugarayray’s young fans!  A precocious, candy loving 8-year old birthday boy on the day of the video (1/21/16), Ryan Cohen decides to share with us his favorite candies from Dylans Candy Bar here in New York City.  Ryan llloooovvvveeesss Dylans, and who can blame him?  It was a lot of fun to taste some candy that I had yet to sample – the giant gummy alligators and tarantulas were actually quite good and changed flavors as they changed colors!  There were also triple sour bears, sour coke bottles, and we had a “little blue baby bottle pop” – try saying that 5 times fast! On the chocolate side, there was white chocolate, chocolate covered marshmallows, graham crackers and oreos, as well as chocolate covered caramel pop corn.  What will they think of next!

Check out Ryan in of all his glory:

It is always fun to get a kid’s perspective on candy tasting, and so having Ryan share his thoughts and picks was exciting for everyone.  If we had continued filming, he would have cleaned these plates in another 5-10 minutes flat!

As we say here, it is important to balance sweets with a primarily healthy diet.  Thus, I am happy to report that after eating all this candy, Ryan did eat a quantifiable amount of broccoli.  See, balance!

Check back with us soon for an awesome Valentines day candy tasting video!

Wishing you candy kisses and gummy bear dreams!


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