A Small Business Candy Store Spotlight!!


Happy new year dear readers!  Hopefully everyone is settling into some new routines, having reflected on the past year.  Though an avid fan of self-improvement, I am not sure that a ton of resolutions are necessarily the key to lasting happiness; thoughtful reflection on important (to you) topics, and spending time planning how to do better in the coming year, is more ‘sugarayray’ speed, and advisable when it comes to promoting lasting change versus one month’s worth of change!

It is important to be a good citizen of the world as much as possible, and to aspire towards improvement in any/all realistic ways.  Although this blog is new and not widely read (that will change soon I hope!), it is still a fantastic vehicle for promoting small businesses – those trying to thrive and provide happiness to customers.  What is happier than scrumptious, fresh, seasonal or perennial, outstanding gourmet candy?  Nothing.  It can be easily found/purchased, is affordable and can be as powerful as to recall childhood memories, or as simple as a calm, quiet, mouth-watering moment in time.

After a recent trip to Seattle, WA (where I was born), it was decided that The Confectionary would definitely be the subject of an upcoming blog post…so here it is!  While it is a lot of fun to make candy videos (keep your eyes peeled for a couple of exciting upcoming videos, including an interview with an adorable little birthday boy), it is also fun to shake it up, talk about some wonderful candy, provide some good images, and do a small local store a solid with a tiny bit of free publicity.  If one person reads this, finds themselves in Seattle and visits the store, then mission accomplished.  There is also online / phone ordering…

Let’s see the inside of one of my favorites places in all of Seattle:

Confectionary4 Confectionary5

As we can see, the Confectionary is a quaint and happily filled-to-the-brim shop promoting both American and European candies and chocolates, retro nostalgia candies, some mass-market packaged sweets, as well as small homewares and decorative objects (think cool jars and ornaments). There are pinatas and such hanging along the ceiling, as well as a wall of both Jelly Belly’s and (the best kind of) salt water taffy. The taffy comes in flavors like candy corn, cotton candy, bubble gum, red licorice, pear and many more.  Apologies for the lack of taffy photos – those might not have made it to the camera and rather took a detour straight to my happy lips!

In such a lovely store it becomes hard to make choices…but $36 dollars in it was high time to edit and decide.  Here is a good representation of what I walked away with (less the aforementioned guzzled taffy and one or two other items already mentioned in previous posts):












Clockwise from top left: blue / pink bubble gum-flavored bottles, jelly-filled creme berries, jelly-filled whales, sparrow’s egg chocolates and finally chocolate / peanut butter covered caramels.  The bubble gum bottles are a gummy treat, with a bright and juicy bubble gum flavor and a harder gummy such that you can suck on it and it will last a long time.  The jelly-filled berries come in orange, pear and blackberry, and have a tiny squirt of gel on the inside and a hard gummy top / soft white gummy bottom on the outside (the white bottom of these reminds me of the white bottom of a gummy frog – softer and easier to chew through than the hard gummy top, but not a marshmallow per se). Next we have the jelly-filled whales, a personal fave, with an easy to chew jelly head and gummy body.  Our two chocolate contenders are outstanding, and represent some of the few chocolate items this blogger will really indulge in; that is how you know they must be good! The Sparrow Eggs, also called Robin’s Eggs when they have a blue coating, are actually made by Jelly Belly and offer up a candy shell covering both chocolate and a gooey, soft caramel center. These are typically only available around Easter, so it was a ‘special treat’ to find them at this time of year…pun intended! The peanut butter chocolate-covered caramels slowly melt in your mouth and infuse (what feels like) your whole body with chocolatey, peanut buttery caramel goodness.  The complementary flavors roll over your taste buds in waves of wonderful!

One of the nice things about all of these candies is that they come in relatively small pieces (the whales are a bit larger), which means eating less actual candy while feeling like you are getting more. In general, I find that slowly eating smaller pieces tricks us into thinking we have had more and are therefore ready to stop.  As previously noted, it is very important to eat a balanced diet.  Don’t misunderstand – treats are amazing! They are the greatest! But they should be eaten as a small part of an otherwise healthy whole food diet.  Remember the 80/20 rule…and no, it’s not 80% candy and 20% food, silly… 🙂

Be on the lookout for our upcoming interview with the young and adorable Ryan Cohen of New York City – he is an 8 year-old with a penchant for candy and chocolate, who might just grow up to rival Sugarayray in candy devotion! Coming to a laptop/tablet/phone near you!

Stay sweet ’til then!!



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