The Best Holiday Candy EVER!!!


Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! We at Sugarayray wanted to bring you some of the best candies that come out for the holiday season ONLY.  There are mellocremes (candy corn material candies), gummies, Jelly Belly’s, and much more!  We even did a small ‘arts and crafts’ project with some gummy Christmas lights!  Check out the extended holiday video –

As noted in the video, there are so many unique and fun specialty candies that come out after Thanksgiving and up until Christmas.  Also, on December 26th a lot of this candy goes on sale!  Your local small, artisanal candy store might very likely put all the holiday merchandise on sale to make way for the next holiday (Valentine’s Day). The big stores definitely mark down all of the mass market candy as well, if that is your cup of tea.  You can get a lot for a great price!  50% off at first, and whatever is left after a few days usually goes to 75% off and so on.

A lot of today’s candy came from Dylans Candy Bar, and then the Jelly Belly Holiday Mix ad the Reindeer Corn came from a place called Yogurt and Candy World on Lexington Avenue in New York City.  I tried to find them on social medial, but could not find a handle.  You can check them out on YELP – Yogurt and Candy World.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with joy, happiness and family. I am very excited for my little personal candy shop, as seen in the video and below:


Now it is time to go share all of my wonderful candy with my loved ones!  See you in 2016!! Love and happiness to you all!!

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