Gummy Animals – Part 2 – Farm Animals and Critters!


We are back with our second half of gelatinous gummy goodness…in the form of farm animals and critters!  We apologize for airing our 2 gummy animals episodes on non-consecutive weeks…since Thanksgiving fell in between and it was oh so important to give thanks for creme-filled licorice, we had to divide the gummy animal episodes! Thanks for understanding!

It was hard to whittle down the vast collection of lovely gummy animals in order to pick the final cut choices; deciding factors included taste and cuteness.  If the idea of a ‘cute’ piece of candy never occurred to anyone, it is time for some gummy-education! This installment has a couple of the cutest candy animals I have ever seen!  Hint: Quack-quack and oink oink 🙂

Check out the video!

With pigs, ducks, cows, chickens (well chicken feet), mice, frogs, centipedes and lobsters represented, it was a colorful and adorable taste extravaganza.  Not to mention a jaw workout, chewing all those gummies!  Just remember – any kind of movement burns calories.  While chewing is not exactly highest on any list of calorie burning activities, every little calorie adds up!  If you burn 20 additional calories, well there’s an extra Haribo gummy frog for you, friend!

Here’s a close-up of our farm animal and critter finds:


The duckies definitely won the ‘most adorable gummy animal award’ even though the detail does not come through on the photo; even without a close-up, it’s still so obvious that they are (almost) too cute to eat! They came from Dylan’s Candy Bar and can be found at both the Upper East Side and the Union Square locations! The duckies are fruit flavored, and would be ideal for a baby shower, a yellow-themed party, or a child’s party.

The pigs are strawberry, the cows marshmallow, the chicken feet and lobsters cherry, and the Haribo frogs and centipede are peach and blue-raspberry/pineapple, respectively.  The ducks were harder, as was the gummy consistency of the Haribo items; Haribo is known to make a harder, tougher to chew through but delightfully flavorful gummy.  The red and green mice, which came from Sockerbit, were very very soft and juicy!  In sweet fruity flavors (red could have been cherry or strawberry or just ‘red fruit’ and green might have been apple or kiwi or just ‘green fruit’), they are great for younger children since they are easier to dissolve and chew through, and therefore are less likely to be swallowed / become a choking hazard.

With all the holiday treats coming at us from every direction, this can be a VERY hard time of the year to stay on a decent eating plan.  Just remember moderation – no need to deprive yourself, but instead of eating every little morsel made available, try and think about what really tastes best, what’s your absolute favorite, and then save your calories for bites of those items!  It is so easy to want to sample everything – but most of the time sweets/baked goods can be a let down; they look better than they taste.  This blog is meant to help you to discover the REALLY GREAT items out there, so you can make more pointed consumption decisions. If you have any questions about what is (or is not) worth eating, please feel free to ask here!

Get excited because the next couple of weeks have great videos – next up is an homage to jelly-filled gummy candy (just wait, it is amazing), and after that is an extra long, extra wonderful holiday episode featuring the best in seasonal specialty candy and treats!! We will even have some ‘candy arts and crafts,’ so make sure to tune in by subscribing to these posts on our home page.

Until next time, stay warm as the temperatures cool down and remember to do something kind towards others in the spirit of holiday generosity!


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