Scandinavian Candy Delight!!


This is an exciting week because we get to discuss Scandinavian candy! When people imagine this northern European region, they generally think of snow, fjords, IKEA, meatballs, the Northern Lights and, let’s be honest, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. But there is a lot more to Scandinavia than popular culture might lead us to believe…did anyone know that they produce some of the best candy EVER??  Check out the Sugarayray YouTube video here:

Scandinavia consists of 5 primary countries – Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.  Though Nordic countries are well-known for a cultural love of all things salty black licorice, this YouTube episode and write-up chose to explore the sweeter side of the Scandinavian candy landscape.  With such obvious proficiency in candy, these Northern Europeans definitely deserve respect; of course, it is important to note that they deserve respect for plenty of other reasons as well!

I know a lovely Icelandic woman who recently explained that the only real licorice, according to Icelandic (and possibly general Scandinavian) opinion, IS black licorice; however, I conclusively know that this famed export is not the only star candy product to come from the region.  Some of the best candy I have ever eaten is Scandinavian in origin, and it is something special. All products in this episode came from Sockerbit, a ‘Sweet and Swedish’ candy store tucked away on Christopher Street in the West Village in NYC; they also have a location in downtown Los Angeles.  As a frequent patron of the clean, crisp, modern white store, I always feel uplifted after a trip to Sockerbit. The clean interior makes for a lovely refuge from the busy and crowded city, and rarely does anyone bump into you while you scoop up your goods. As one passes through the double glass doors into the store, there is a palpable sense of happiness; getting to pick and choose a unique, personal mix of treats is icing on the cake!  So cute, right?!


The YouTube video does a great job displaying and describing the candy – squeezing, biting and handling the different types of sweets, so we wont go into too much specific detail here.  Suffice it to say that the love hearts, the raspberry boats, the chocolate-covered nougat and anything marshmallow should be at the top of everyone’s Sockerbit shopping list!  With tangy raspberry, strawberry, caramel and sweet marshmallow flavors firing the taste buds on all cylinders, this candy experience is a winning proposition on all counts.

Even more exciting, we only covered a small percentage of the candy in the store!  There will be future episodes about Scandinavian candy, and if this blogger is feeling adventurous we may even get to experience some salty black licorice varietals.  Talk about a different taste profile than the typically preferred sweet candy! But seriously, any excuse to take a walk over to Sockerbit is welcomed. Plus, we can kill two birds with one stone by making an exercise walking trip out of going to and from the store on foot.  Then we can eat all that candy guilt free!

For those of you who do not live in NYC or LA, you can order Sockerbit candy online.  Additionally, some of the candy they carry is sold in other candy stores so have no fear, you can find it!  If anyone needs assistance, email us here and we will work together to get everyone their piece of the Scandinavian candy pie! There is a lot of inventory available online, so please feel free to comment and/or ask questions about other candy we have experience with but may not have discussed in the video.

Have a wonderful week, and get fired up for our next episode – part 1 of our 2-part gummy animal extravaganza!  It’s gonna be fun!

Until then, have a sweet and tasty week!!


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