Halloween Part 2 – Gummies, Chocolate and Taffy!


After the fun of making the first YouTube video, a second one had to follow. After all, there is more to Halloween specialty candy than candy corn (hard to believe, of course; candy corn IS incredible).  With all the wonderful gourmet gummy and chocolate items out there, the Halloween review continues on.  Check out the YouTube Video here:

It was a challenge to make choices when it came to editing the products reviewed in the Halloween-themed candy videos.  Each video came out to be approximately 8 minutes, and it was fun/challenging enough to speak, chew, swallow, and keep a conversational flow with all that candy in the mouth!  If there had been more candy, we would have been here all day and night!

The following wonderful items made the cut for round 2 Halloween:

big gummies 1


Top photo: Orange, apple and grape-flavored Halloween gummies, individually wrapped

Bottom photo, clockwise from top left: pumpkin spice and red apple caramels, gummy and jelly-filled brains, white candy corn M&M’s and candy corn salt water taffy.  Let’s break it down –

Individually-wrapped Halloween Gummies – These came from Hattie’s Sweet Shop in Portland, OR and this was the first time this blogger had ever tried them! The best part was that the decorative elements (Frankenstein’s hair and face, Pumpkin stem, etc) were hard frosting, like the kind you would find used as a cake decoration. It added a little crunch to the overall ‘gumminess’ that dominated the taste experience.  The pumpkin was orange, Frankenstein was green apple, and the spider was grape.  They were all fantastic and were well worth the purchase.  They were also individually wrapped, which makes for a nice giveaway and share item.

Pumpkin Spice and Red Apple Caramels – Also from Hatties in Portland, these chocolate-covered caramel balls are a rockin’ party in the mouth!  We have the pumpkin spice chocolate which blends with the caramel to bring to mind a frothy fall beverage, or a slice of cake; as it melts in your mouth you can’t help but imagine a warm slice of pumpkin pie with a healthy dose of caramel drizzle.  The red apple caramel is reminiscent of a real caramel apple; the smooth caramel blends with the tangy apple flavor of the chocolate as it would with the real thing.  While these caramels are most definitely candy, a real caramel apple is basically a health food!  The healthy apple cancels out the caramel = NO GUILT! Go for it…this health professional grants you permission.

Gummy and Jelly-filled Brains – We can all appreciate a healthy love of all things jelly-filled.  Jelly-filled donuts, pastries, strudels, candy…if there’s jelly there’s happiness!  Jelly-filled gummies are no different, offering up a multi-textured candy experience worth the caloric expenditure.  Your teeth glide through the jelly portion of, in this case, the jelly/gummy brain, coming to the chewy gummy portion while the jelly section begins to melt and fall apart.  The gummy part lasts longer, turning the bite into a happily lingering experience.  The plain gummy brains are also lovely, a nice strawberry gummy that everyone will like! In the future there will be at least one (if not more) YouTube episode all about jelly-filled gummy items.  There are more out there than most people know about, but have no fear; this candy expert will deliver the goods!

White Candy Corn M&M’s – Candy corn-flavored white chocolate coated with a thick candy shell?  Sign us up!!! Although these are a mass market candy, they only come out for a few weeks a year and are not easy to find.  Having scoured the usual corner bodegas and big drugstore chains, we finally found these at Dylan’s Candy Bar. The chocolate is the usual smooth M&M chocolate, though these are larger than normal M&M’s (they are closer to the size of peanut butter M&M’s). They come in orange, yellow and white, typical candy corn flavors, and are worth the stomach space.  I could eat these all day!

Candy Corn Salt Water Taffy – Last but not least, Dylan’s had the lovely candy corn taffy.  While a few other taffy flavors are always at the top of my favorites list (there will definitely be a taffy episode in the future), the candy corn taffy does not disappoint.  There is the sweet and true candy corn flavor, but with the chewy texture of taffy.  It is always interesting to take a flavor profile that we have come to expect in one form and then inject it into an unexpected texture.  Suffice it to say these were a lot of fun to eat.

Halloween may be over, but a lot of these candies will be on the shelf throughout fall and on towards the December holidays.  Lest you fear you have missed the chance to eat these delicacies, worry not!  You have plenty of time to satisfy your taste-bud curiosities.  If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question!  If you want additional information on where to get items and what is in them, we are happy to help!

This is a time of year when we *might* overdo it on eating dessert; parents, you KNOW you are sneaking into your kid’s trick-or-treat stash!  Instead of feeling guilty / bad about it, go for a run or walk.  DO something active and physical, that does not require a gym membership or a special class or gear.  Most people who go on a brisk walk, at least 3 miles an hour (and try for 3.5 or even 4 miles and hour), will burn 225-300 calories per hour (depends on speed and body size).  No matter where you are, you have the ability to hit the pavement or trails.  Sometimes this candy lover takes the time during TV commercials to run in place or do jumping jacks.  It is all about the TOTAL amount of activity we get, not necessarily single-session duration.  Even if you do 5 minutes 10 times a day, it still amounts to 50 minutes of overall activity!  That really counts for something!

So, try one of these new special treats and share your thoughts on them! Most of all, keep on eating (mostly) healthy, moderately indulging in beloved and worthwhile sweets, staying mobile and enjoying life!



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