Gummy Animals – Part 1 – Wild Animals!!


Check out our awesome new YouTube video for this week, Gummy Animals Part 1: Wild Animals!

One of the most fantastically exciting things about candy is that there is so much of it!  No matter how much one consumes throughout her (30+ year) lifetime, there is always a new kind, a new brand, a new recipe to discover.  Additionally, current brands and formulas are continually being upgraded, at least from a taste perspective.  The fun never ends.

The following may not be concrete fact, but it would appear that gummy candies may account for the largest single sub-category in specialty candy, at least from an ‘eye-balling it’ perspective.  Personally, I have seen hundreds of different kinds of gummies, from coke bottles to ice cream cones to beer steins to champagne bears. As gummies go, animals are a category in which new and cute items are always being created and added, and along with fruits/foods, animals appear to make up a large portion of the gummy landscape.  This is why a 2-part special seemed necessary.  Mind you, not all the existing gummy animals were used in this filming; we had to make some choices, as we all do when we go to a candy store and want literally EVERYTHING!  These episodes are a good lesson in candy editing!

No real animals were harmed in the making of this film; however, many, many gummy animals were eaten during filming.  Smile time!

Here’s a picture of our representative animals for our Gummy Animals Part 1 – Wild Animals episode:


Clockwise from top left: Gummy butterflies, gummy moose/lion/hippo, gummy bears, gummy rain forest tree-frogs, gummy peachy penguins, and gummy dinosaurs.  All candy was purchased at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City.

Lest you think I am a secret agent of Dylan’s, rest assured I am simply a happy customer.  While there are other candy stores in New York, and I frequent them too, Dylan’s is useful because it stocks a great variety of inventory as well as grants customers the ability to pick and choose how much of each item one wants.  For the purposes of this blog, and for life in general, it is really convenient to get to pick two of something, and maybe four of something else, and then only three of another thing. It is the best of all worlds concerning personalized customization!  If only they gave me the candy for free…hhhmmmm….

So let’s talk candy –

Gummy butterflies, rain forest tree-frog and bears – These are grouped together because they come from the same manufacturer, Albanese Confectionary.  To learn more about Albanese candy (and to purchase bulk quantities) click here. I love all of these because of their soft, easy to chew consistency. Also, they come in juicy flavors like grape, apple, pineapple, strawberry, blue raspberry etc. These gummies are great because they do not get stuck in ones teeth, and also are easy for younger children (who are old enough for small pieces of food) to easily chew and swallow.  Albanese makes a wide assortment of gummies, including mini versions of the giant butterflies you saw on the video.

Moose/Lion/Hippo –  I have to be honest – despite being really cute, these gummy animals did not have a lot of flavor. They all had a similar fruity flavor that could not be placed, and while they were soft and somewhat marshmallow-like in their gummy texture, there was not a taste explosion.  Taste explosions are part of what makes candy great; ergo, not a great candy choice due to a lack of said taste.  If you are looking for something adorable for someone whose taste buds are not particularly sophisticated, this could be a viable option.  If you want something really yummy, take a pass.

Peachy Penguins – A fantastic old and reliable standby, peachy penguins made the cut because they are both flavorful and adorable.  Also, no one expects a black and white gummy animal to taste of refreshing peach; it is so cool!!  Made by E.Frutti and available at many specialty candy stores as well as online through bulk distributors, these are great for playing with, eating, having at a black-tie party or just a black and white party, or celebrating the return of winter.  Their soft texture makes them a favorite with children as well…and they are also easy to chew!

Gummy Dinosaurs – Unlike the rest of the gummy candy we saw today, the dinosaurs were of the harder variety.  They were not easy to bite or chew through, and if a kid has a loose tooth, these could be a great way to get it out for good! Though moderately flavorful, these gummies were mostly cuter than they were a favorite eat.  Having said that, Haribo (overall a great gummy and candy purveyor) gummy bears are a personal favorite and those can be on the harder side; so, the problem is not being too hard as much as not being flavorful enough.  If you want the most flavor and juicy taste, stick with the bears or the butterflies in terms of the candy we saw here today.

Get excited to check out next week’s video, Gummy Animals Part 2 – Farm Animals and Critters!  It is gonna be fun, featuring some of the cutest gummy animals I have ever seen in life! SPOILER ALERT – there will be a gummy rubber ducky.  It is too adorable for words.  Get ready for gummy greatness to be achieved.

See you then and have a sweet week!


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