Halloween Part 1 – Candy Corn Extravaganza YouTube Video!


Well – making YouTube videos is a real job! But it sure is a lot of fun!!  Today’s first YouTube video is all about Halloween candy – more specifically all about mellowcreme and candy corn! Even this ‘sugarista’ has a bit of a headache from eating so much at once.  But it was all in the name of education and entertainment, which makes it ok.  We would hate for people to waste their time and calories eating mediocre candy when there is so much good product out there.  So here’s the scoop on all of our candy corn selections:


Clockwise from Top Left: Fall Festival Mix, Giant Corn, all natural candy corn, and in the bottom left box, from the top row down: chocolate covered candy corn, pumpkin spice candy corn, and caramel apple candy corn.  There is a lot to work with here in Candy Corn Land, so let’s further break it down:

Fall Festival Mix – Made by Jelly Belly, this amazing mixture had 6 pieces – a maple flavored walnut, a lemon corn cob, an orange pumpkin, a cinnamon corn piece, a chocolate corn piece, and a regular vanilla candy corn piece.  This is an absolute favorite fall staple, most notably because it is of high quality, touting a soft mellocreme where you cannot taste individual sugar granules as you can with a lot of mass market products.  Furthermore, Jelly Belly is non-GMO, meaning they do not use genetically modified organisms(GMOs) in their products.  This is a big deal, since quite a lot of sugar is derived from beets, and beets are often GMO. If this sugar-lover could get one candy corn item all fall, this would have to be it.  Fortunately, I do not have to make those kinds of terrible decisions 🙂

Giant Corn Mix – Also by Jelly Belly, the Giant Corn Mix is just the corn pieces from the Fall Festival Mix.  They are cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla mellowcreme.  They are also quite wonderful, and another fall staple that is slightly more recognizable to people because it looks like candy corn.  I got these from Hattie’s candy store in Portland, OR although I have seen them at a number of places including Dylan’s Candy Bar and Zabar’s in New York City.

All Natural Candy Corn – This came from Whole Foods, which is the only place I have ever seen it.  Halloween 2014 was the first time it was on the Sugarayray radar, so clearly it just came out last year!  Each corn piece is one color, either white, yellow or orange, and they are light in color due to the lack of artificial colors.  However they are not light on flavor; in fact, these cute pastel corns pack a load of sweet, honey-vanilla flavor to the point that they are VERY hard to stop eating. Just when you think you have had enough you reach for another handful.  At least they are ‘healthy.’ If all health(ier) candy tasted like this, more people would like it!

Chocolate Covered Candy Corn – From Dylan’s Candy Bar, these gems are traditional candy corn covered in dark chocolate.  The multi-textured experience of the rich dark chocolate combining with the sweet candy corn is not to be missed, especially since there are not many ‘candy corn meets another flavor/texture’ items on the market.  This was a fantastic idea, dressing a piece of candy corn in a gorgeous dark velvet robe; someone deserves a gold star!  If there was a way to stock this item for longer than a month or two, I would highly recommend it.  Dylan’s are your listening?

Pumpkin Spice Candy Corn – This is what it sounds like, and it is good.  Also from Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC, the pumpkin spice candy corn does not disappoint.  While it is not quite as magnanimous as its chocolate covered cousin, it packs its own punch. One would image that one of these days it might get its own chocolate overcoat; until then, it has a distinct pumpkin flavor that melts in your mouth.

Caramel Apple Candy Corn – This is probably my favorite candy corn flavor at Dylan’s.  One has to make choices when doing a tasting; since so many candy corn items were already necessary to showcase, this discerning candy-lover decided to leave behind the available cherry, raspberry-lemonade, caramel, and s’mores flavored candy corn options.  However, Caramel Apple made the cut and fortunately so, for it has a lovely flavor profile.  One really picks up on both notes of caramel and apple, which can be a challenging feat to achieve.  Generally one flavor overpowers the other, but these two share equal billing in this lovely red, brown and white candy corn gem.  This is one to look forward to every year from now on!

The list could go on, but we have another whole ‘Halloween Part 2’ YouTube video coming soon, all about chocolate, caramel, gummy and other wonderful gourmet candy items other than candy corn but still centered around Halloween.  It will be just as delightful as the candy corn episode you  just watched and learned about…promise!

In case you were wondering how to counteract some of these calories, might this fitness guru suggest walking to and from the candy store? Maybe turn it into a 4, 5 6 mile walk around town or the city?  How about a kickboxing class or any other cardio-pumping fat-blasting form of exercise entertainment?  There are many options (moderate consumption also being one of them), but if you end up eating too much just make sure to be extra active the next day and this delightful holiday will NOT get the better of you. If you are in NYC, you could check out my alter ego; she promises to get you fit as a fiddle in a manageable and realistic manner – check out my wellness website!

Stay tuned for a fun-filled Halloween Part 2 post soon, and have a SWEET & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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