Halloween Circa 1981


Prepare yourself…because things are gonna get cute!!!

Halloween as an adult is still fun, but not quite as amazing as it was in years gone by.  As much as we all enjoy getting dressed up in something cute and going to a party or a celebratory bar, I actually prefer the more youthful activities of old.  As a child I loved everything about Halloween, from the costumes to the trick-or-treating, the carving of pumpkins to the baking of special holiday treats.  But nothing compared to obtaining and eating the CANDY! Getting copious amounts of free candy?  Does it get any better than that?  Coming home and dumping out your bucket, counting how many pieces you got, grouping them by brand, grouping them by color, trading with friends, sharing with your parents, opening packages and making ‘candy art,’ all of it was sublime. I don’t think I ever made myself sick from eating too much sugar!!

To this day I wish I could trick-or-treat, but I don’t know a lot of people whom openly embrace 30-something adults doing a child’s bidding.  What would the NYC upper east side townhouse owners do if adults showed up?  Should we try?  If I threw a sheet on and went as a ghost, how would anyone know I wasn’t just a tall middle school-aged child? No, I console myself with knowing I can buy my own candy when I want it. That will have to suffice for now.  But the idea of an adult trick or treat holiday, there’s an idea to pursue and build upon…

Upon request, my wonderful mother went back through some old photo albums and found pictures of a young Sugarayray dressed as none other than COOKIE MONSTER.  As an avid Sesame Street viewer, I loved Cookie Monster the most out of all the characters.  His merits include 1)Being furry and blue, 2)Eating cookies all the time, 3)Being happy, and 4)Making a mess but never having to clean anything up. Happy, furry, cookie-eating, blue and without clean-up responsibilities…best of all worlds.  Not only is Cookie Monster the most fun Sesame Street character, but also blue is and was my favorite color.  A match made in heaven, check out the evidence:

Full on cookie monster

Cookie Monster with MASK

I even had my lovely neighbor and friend dress up as an elf and take a photo with me:

Cookie Monster with Teacher

In case there still exists any doubt around my merits as a candy and dessert connoisseur, we have pictorial evidence of my baking prowess as a (slightly under) 3 year old:

RR Baking at age 3

I told you things were gonna get cute!  Check out those little blond ringlets (no idea why they look so red, photography has come a long way in 30 years). If I could I would give my little self the biggest hug ever!

Even though we all have to grow up and face the responsibilities and demands of life, it is important to look back and remember simple joy.  It is easy to forget about these ancient happy times, both because our memories fail us, and because the older we get to more we focus on moving forward and never looking back.  Right now I feel a huge sense of gratitude that these photos exist, and that my mom and other people in my life took the time to both create and then document these sweet moments.  It is special to be able to share these photos with readers; even though this is a brand new blog and few people know about it, the hope is that readership grows and everyone enjoys the candy-filled content (with a touch of wisdom).

Stay tuned for a ‘new’ happy moment that will be made in the next 24 hours – a wonderful YouTube Halloween candy unboxing that will be sure to bring amazing gourmet Halloween candy into the lives of viewers.  We will go far beyond the usual grocery store candy to show you some of the best seasonal confections on the market.  I wait all year to get to eat these amazing, limited time only treats and thus I am very excited to show them to the world.  Get ready for candy greatness!

If you have time in the next day or two, reflect back on some wonderful Halloween moments from childhood.  Pull out some old photos, call a friend, ask your parents about your 3 year old Halloween costume and see if they remember! Feel free to write in and share your best Halloween memories.

Until next time, stay sweet!

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